In Memory of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

“This is a dangerous situation for the future of food and farming, one that needs to be reversed as quickly as possible, particularly as GM agriculture is failing on all counts. That can only be achieved by a ban on GMOs, an action already taken by countries and local communities around the world. We need to join forces with them, to put an end to the GM corporate empire.”



The name of this website was inspired by a report of the same name, “Ban GMOs Now – Health and Environmental Hazards, Especially in Light of the New Genetics,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. Eva Sirinathsignhji, Institute of Science in Society; July 2013 (52 pages).

ban gmos now report 2013

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (November 12, 1941 – March 24, 2016) was an unusual scientist, as she herself recognized. While GMO supporters and advocates criticized her, this was further proof that she was right about GMOs. Some say she was visionary, and many of the predictions she made about GMOs decades ago have – alarmingly – come to pass. Long before the human genome project announced their findings about their discovery of how genes work in 2001 (which fundamentally nullified the Central Dogma of biology), Dr. Mae-Wan Ho had already been talking about this for years. She published a book that covered this in 1998; a second edition appeared in 2000:

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare Continuum International Publishing Group; 2 Rev Updated edition (May 2000)

book Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare (2nd Edition) Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2000


“By any reasonable measure, the finding [of the Human Genome project published in 2001] signaled the downfall of the central dogma; it also destroyed the scientific foundation of genetic engineering, and the validity of the biotechnology industry’s widely advertised claim that its methods of genetically modifying food crops are ‘specific, precise, and predictable’ and therefore safe … Without detailed, ongoing analyses of the transgenic crops, there is no way of knowing if hazardous consequences might arise. Given the failure of the central dogma, there is no assurance that they will not. The genetically engineered crops now being grown represent a massive uncontrolled experiment whose outcome is inherently unpredictable. The results could be catastrophic. Why, then, has the central dogma continued to stand? To some degree the theory has been protected from criticism by a device more common to religion than science; dissent, or merely the discovery of a discordant fact, is a punishable offense, a heresy that might easily lead to professional ostracism.”

Unraveling the DNA Myth: The spurious foundation of genetic engineering,” by Barry Commoner, February 2002 (14 pages)


In 1997, she wrote, “What makes genetic engineering biotechnology dangerous, in the first instance, is that it is an unprecedented, close alliance between two great powers that can make or break the world: science and commerce. Practically all established molecular geneticists have some direct or indirect connection with industry, which will set limits on what the scientists can and will do research on, not to mention the possibility of compromising their integrity as independent scientists.”  [Citations omitted]. (See: “The Unholy Alliance,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, originally published in The Ecologist; Vol.27, No.4, July-August 1997 – 13 pages).

There is no doubt that this has happened. In 2009, 26 leading corn insect scientists submitted an anonymous comment about research restrictions to the EPA; in part the comment stated:26 scientists anonymous comment to the EPA about research restrictions (EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0836); Feb 10, 2009See: 26 scientists comment (EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0836-0043) to the EPA – FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0836); Posted Feb 10, 2009.

Also see: “Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research,” by Andrew Pollack, New York Times; February 19, 2009.


In 2015, The New York Times published an article that showed that the second part of her statement had come to pass; unfortunately once again Dr. Mae-Wan Ho’s prediction had materialized – which for many was no surprise at all (“possibility of compromising their integrity as independent scientists”).

See: “Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show,” by Eric Lipton, New York Times; September 5, 2015

This was followed by more articles, including:

The Puppetmasters of Academia (or What the NY Times Left out),” by Jonathan Latham, PhD, Independent Science News; September 8, 2015


Monsanto’s Tobacco Files: University Scientists Caught Conspiring With Biotech Industry to Manipulate Public Opinion on GMOs,” by Dave Murphy, EcoWatch; September 12, 2015).

In the same article from 1997, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho also added: “The worst aspect of the alliance is that it is between the most reductionist science and multinational monopolistic industry at its most aggressive and exploitative. If the truth be told, it is bad science working together with big business for quick profit, aided and abetted by our governments for the banal reason that governments wish to be re-elected to remain in ‘power.’”[Citations omitted]. (See: “The Unholy Alliance,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, originally published in The Ecologist; Vol.27, No.4, July-August 1997 – 13 pages).

That summed it up: GMOs are based on bad science built on a dogma that is decades old and outdated and incorrect in its major presumptions. Additionally, it is the alliance of this bad science and big business which has given growth to the biotech industry. This is an industry which has proven, time after time, that it exercises an uncaring sociopathic exploitation of world hunger for the sake of making a profit. The industry supporters and GMO proponents do this while promoting products the world rejects and fights against. The products are sold as better for the environment, supporting sustainable agriculture, good for the economy, and more: according to GMO supporters, they are “phenomenally positive.” These are lies.

Promoters say that GMOs are needed to feed the world – the Great Lie. GMOs aren’t needed to feed the world, they aren’t needed at all. GMOs are based on a mountain of lies and supported by lies. The claim that they are needed to feed the world is without doubt, the most callous, malevolent and malicious advertising campaign ever conducted by a commercial enterprise that the world has ever known.

The claim that GMOs are needed to feed the world is a profound lie, a stupendous achievement of propaganda, and it must be uprooted at its core.

It is an industry built on a mountain of lies, fraud and corruption. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho was also correct on the third count – the influence of politicians whose ‘banal reason’ for supporting GMOs is to remain in power. It is because of the greed for profit and power that the biotech industry has been successful at pushing GMOs across the world: it is not because they are needed products; they are largely unwanted.

GMOs are inherently bad for the environment and are responsible for massive ecological damage. They promote monocultures and destroy biodiversity, threatening food security on a global scale. They largely rely on the sale of toxic chemicals – especially herbicide tolerant crops; the use of herbicides has skyrocketed – not declined as predicted.

They have ruined the lives of farmers in the US and internationally; especially small farmers who grow over 75% of the world’s food supply. Cross-contamination episodes have resulted in billions of dollars in lost trade and million dollar lawsuits against biotech companies have been filed (and some settled) because of these cross-contamination episodes. GMOs are inherently hazardous to non-GMO crops.

The patenting of seeds is one of the roots of the problem. The decision to allow patents on seeds is without doubt fundamentally flawed and the manifestation of those laws has proven to be a gross violation of nature, economics, food sovereignty, freedom and democracy.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho: “Those people who are responsible for promoting GM, who are foisting GM crops on the third world – basically – they are committing a heinous crime against humanity.”

GMOs should be banned.

GMOs need to be banned.

The more sincere research a person does, the more one dives deeper into the many subject areas associated with GMOs (from history to science, from politics to sociology, from ethics to socio-economics and more); the more one sees the truth with a comprehensive understanding, the more one is inclined to reject GMOs. It is only those who have a vested interest in them who argue in support for them. Money and power dictate their actions, not science, ethics, or truth.

It is time to be active. It is time to stand up and find out why GMOs need to be banned. The world’s entire food system is in the hands of a few major sociopathic corporations whose only priorities are achieving more power and higher profits – at any cost. That’s not okay.

“It is high time for us to realize the importance of creating an eco-consciousness and the relevance of ecology in our present consumerist and materialistic society, wherein everyone with selfish interests seeks for his/her own glory and welfare. At this juncture, one must let ecological awareness empower us. One must take resort to environmental education at the earliest and discover the fact that every one of us is related to each other and more essentially to the universe that sustains us.”  – Mathew Chandrankunnel and Pranati Horijan, essay from Environmental Interface – Literature, Law, Science, and Philosophy (2015).

In 2015, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho wrote “GM crops are a massive failed experiment that has lasted over 20 years, laying waste to land and people’s lives and livelihoods, leaving behind a toxic legacy that will take decades to heal. The world has woken up from the GM nightmare.” (See: “Ending GMOs Now,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society; April 21, 2015).

She was right, of course, on all counts. But we must acknowledge that waking up to the GM nightmare is not enough. Let’s honor her memory, and recognize the necessity of taking action. For the sake of future generations, we have an obligation to act on what we now know to be true: GMOs need to be banned now. We must make it happen.

Stand up and fight for future generations. Ban GMOs Now.


This video can also be found on YouTube:

Remembering Mae-Wan Ho – YouTube (4:12) published by Danny Roddy on April 12, 2016

A few of publications c0-authored by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:


Banishing Glyphosate,” by Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, et al., Institute of Science in Society; September 2015 (90 pages)

Banishing Glyphosate (with supplement),” by Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, et al., Institute of Science in Society; September 2015 (110 pages)

Ban GMOs Now – Health and Environmental Hazards, Especially in Light of the New Genetics,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. Eva Sirinathsignhji, Institute of Science in Society; July 2013 (52 pages)

GM is Dangerous and Futile – We Need Organic Sustainable Food and Energy Systems Now,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society; October 2008 (10 pages)

Food Futures Now: Organic – Sustainable – Fossil Fuel Free,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher, Lim Li Ching, et al, Institute of Science in Society; 2008 (178 pages)

GM Food Nightmare Unfolding in the Regulatory Sham,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Joe Cummins & Peter Saunders, Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, vol.19; May 14, 2007 (19 pages)

The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World – Independent Science Panel,” by Mae-Wan Ho, Lim Li Ching, et al, Institute of Science in Society; June 2003 (136 pages)

Selected Lectures – Genetic Engineering 1995-2001,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (72 pages)

Hazards of GM Crops,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Joe Cummins et al, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (38 pages)

The Science Wars, Volume 1 – Debating Scientists,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and others, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (55 pages)

The Science Wars, Volume 2 – Civil Actions,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho et al, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (40 pages)

The Science Wars, Volume 3 – Suppressing Dissent,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, et al, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (27 pages)

Transgenic Instability,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Joe Cummins and Angela Ryan, Institute of Science in Society; March 2002 (24 pages)

Cauliflower Mosaic Viral Promoter – A Recipe for Disaster?” by Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Joe Cummins, Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, Vol, 11, No. 4; January 1999 (4 pages)

The following is the authors’ reply to critiques of “The Cauliflower Mosaic Viral Promoter – a Recipe for Disaster?” – “Hazards of Transgenic Plants Containing the Cauliflower Mosaic Viral Promoter,” by Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Joe Cummins, Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease Vol 12, Issue 1; January 2000 (6 pages)

This was followed later with this relevant publication: “CaMV 35S Promoter Fragmentation Hotspot Confirmed, and it is Active in Animals,” by Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Joe Cummins, Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, Vol. 12, Issue 3; November 2000 (One page)

The Unholy Alliance,” by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, originally published in The Ecologist; Vol.27, No.4, July-August 1997 (13 pages)

सत्यमेव जयते – Satyameva Jayate

(Truth Ultimately Triumphs)

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8 thoughts on “In Memory of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

    • Jeff

      I am amazed at your massive collection of work. You deserve a medal!
      It’s a pity that the media in the UK and the US are silent. I think that the world is finished.
      Please read: The sixth mass extinction and chemicals in the environment: our environmental deficit is now beyond nature’s ability to regenerate


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      • Thanks! I mention the 6th mass extension here as well. Preparing another post soon about ecological impact of GMOs, etc.
        Since Washington won’t respond to reason, stop trying to reason with Washington – Ban GMOs Now, August 1, 2016
        “Never give in – never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” (misquoted from Winston Churchill, but hey … still works for me)


  1. I was ‘introduced’ to the Institute of Science in Society (IS-iS) and Dr Mae-wan Ho through Brian John and GM-Free Cymru. I sent her a copy of our photo-journal The Year of the Bumblebee 2010: observations in a small nature reserve (2) and told her how we had glyphosate in our tap water in 2013 and that the macrofauna, bumblebees, butterflies and bush crickets, had gradually been disappearing. Our nearest city, Swansea, was dubbed ‘the Japanese knotweed capital of Europe’. Unknown quantities of Roundup had been sprayed each year targeting various areas ‘to try to eradicate it’. She was so impressed by the photographs that my husband Palle and I had taken of species that were rapidly disappearing and suggested that I write an article about it for IS-iS.
    It was an extraordinary privilege to be working with an editor of such unusual qualities. She challenged everything I said, was rigorous in the quotation of references and picked up even minor errors of mine. She returned the next version of corrected manuscripts with such speed that she must have been up all night. She then suggested that we organised some of our best photographs for the IS-iS Christmas Art Exhibition that was to be called “Lost Flowers” which we did. She knew that I was undergoing treatment for cancer and was uncertain of how much time I had left to live. She asked me if I wanted to be portrayed as a ‘victim’ and I said “no”. Little did we know that she was to become a victim herself and that in 2016 we should be writing in memory of Mae-wan’s extraordinary life. The time has come to speak out: Mae-wan would have wanted us to do so. The House of Lords confirmed that the British Government is voting with EFSA. Their plant scientists claim that glyphosate has no carcinogenic activity: however, the Chairman of Cancer Research UK was founder of Syngenta and former Chairman of Crop-Life international.
    Mae-wan and Dr Nancy Swanson showed that the glyphosate reassessment in Europe was fraudulent. In the South Wales area where Roundup is present in water, we have all the cancers that Anthony Samsel found in Monsanto’s sealed documents and all the diseases with which Dr Nancy Swanson et al showed correlations, including gross obesity, cancers, Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and dementias. The CMO and Public Health England blame people for life-style choices, but how do they account for statistics that show that by 2025, the UK will have the highest obesity among men and women in Europe, at 38%. Some countries had virtually no increase in BMI over 40 years including women in France. Critics of the Swanson paper say that correlation doesn’t mean causation…but we in South Wales can verify that in this case it is true; correlation does mean causation.
    Rosemary Mason In fondest memory of Mae-wan Ho

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