GMO Reports

‘GMO Reports’ is a list of over 150 pages of reports, fact sheets, issue briefs and studies about GMOs, sustainable agriculture, agroecology, pesticides, herbicides and more

GMO News Summary and More: May 27, 2016

GMO related news – the failure of Bt crops, Neil Young v. GMO corn, merger madness, GE salmon and more

GMO Report by CBS: A Disservice to Americans

A biased report by a major mass media corporation reveals inadequate and insufficient research on GMOs resulting in a disservice to the American people who are consequently denied their right to know the truth.

Failed Promises of GMOs

The propaganda and propagation of GMOs is the greatest fraud in the history of science.

GMOs are not necessary to feed the World

“The conclusion is clear: GMOs are part of the problem, not part of the solution.” – GRAIN